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Great to meet you here I’m Nicky Bright and I remember so many wonderful and adventurous holidays as a youngster with my mother, father, and family and as an adult growing up until the present day. For me, it was always about the variety, the experience, the details, the range of special emotions, and the timeless moments that created life long memories. For me, I take my clients on a wonderful and magical journey that recreates their every hope, want, need, and desire on their perfect holiday. With the wide range of expertise and contacts we have, there is pretty much nothing so far I have not been able to find a way to arrange for my clients. I understand how healthy and important time is and how crucial our free time is to our overall life quality. Always leading with these key important qualities together with my skills and conscientiousness I forge the most special bespoke holidays for my clients that add real value to their lives and make a real difference. Contact me to discuss what your ideal break or holiday would be and be sure that I can make this a reality for you.

Mission Statement

An expert professional, and with many successful years in project management and business sourcing behind her, Nicky Bright leaves no stone unturned in the conscientiousness she applies in getting her client the specialist bespoke holidays they desire. With a vast array of contacts and skills at Nicky Brights, the object is to make the perfect holiday bespoke to the finest details of our client’s wishes. We focus on the experience and minute detail from the moment your tailored holiday starts until you are safely back home again. We aim to offer and cater to all our client’s specialist needs no matter how different. Working with us will ensure we will navigate the perfect safe, protected, and experiential holiday with us arranging and managing all the finite and stressful details.


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